Bitcoin for Beginners 2022

Bitcoin for Beginners 2022


All right, so firstly, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Now what is a currency? A forex is simply a medium of exchange. It’s what replaces the historic school bartering machine we used to have, when it would be like, I will supply you this bushel of wheat in return for the shoe that you have kindly made me due to the fact you are a, I do not know, leather worker.
Obviously, that device of bartering is pretty inefficient because you have to shop a lot of stuff that other humans favor and that’s simply a bit of a pain. And so we invented forex in the form of coins normally as a machine that everybody diagnosed to be able to exchange stuff besides having the bodily goods.
So I may want to promote my bushel of wheat for two copper coins and then I could retailer up my copper coins and I could buy your shoes for 10 copper coins, for example. Back in the day currency itself used to be tied to metals like gold and silver and copper, which had like specific values. And so the actual metallic of the coins was once worth something because all people agreed

that these metals had been particularly precious however in current times, most of our foreign money takes the shape of paper notes and paper notes don’t seem to be inherently worth anything due to the fact the paper is just really worth paper but forex is really worth some thing because everybody has the same opinion that it’s well worth something. If I take $100 greenbacks nearly somewhere in the world
most people, I mean most locations in the world will understand that $100 is really worth $100 and I’d be capable to purchase $100 worth of stuff from it. If hypothetically the total world had been to day after today figure out that the U S dollar is a meaningless foreign money and they’re now not gonna accept it for anything at all

Then the U S dollar would be worthless. So without a doubt when it comes to foreign money it doesn’t mean some thing real. Currency is sort of just an summary way that we’ve got all agreed to price things in a positive way. So coming lower back to Bitcoin, Bitcoin is digital currency. It is a digital form of currency

i.e. a digital shape of paying for items and services and replacing cash over the internet. Way back in 2009 when Bitcoin was first invented, most people did not trust that it would be a manageable structure of currency, but over the last decade plus

as Bitcoin has end up more and greater popular, human beings are beginning to say that perhaps Bitcoin ought to be the currency of the future. Maybe in the future, possibly a few years, few many years from now, we are going to be paying for items and services the usage of Bitcoin over the internet, instead than via the usage of these historic school

old fashioned centralized banking and authorities institutions to alternate U S greenbacks and our true local currencies. Okay, so that was the foreign money section of it. We can suppose of Bitcoin or crypto as like “Internet Money” or like “Virtual Money” or “Virtual Currency”. Let’s now speak about the ledger gadget that holds it all together. And the element to apprehend here
is that Bitcoin is efficiently one large large spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is referred to as a ledger and in the spreadsheet we have obtained a file of each single Bitcoin transaction that has ever befell considering that January, 2009, when Bitcoin was, was once first invented. And the way that I think of it in my head, it is like, let’s say you’re going on holiday

with a crew of friends and you do not wanna sort of maintain on splitting the invoice and handing over money because it is a whole nightmare. Therefore, someone makes a spreadsheet to hold track of who owes what. And so line one in the spreadsheet may be Ali owes Sheen 12 pounds,
line two would possibly be Jake owes Molly, 18 pounds. And the concept is that as our excursion goes on, we would preserve on including stuff to our spreadsheet or a ledger. And at the stop of the holiday, we would all settle up and then proper cash would trade hands. Now, assuming you trust your friends, to be truthful this spreadsheet truely works fairly well.
You can basically deal with this total spreadsheet as virtual money. I am giving my friend virtual 10 pounds in alternate for them paying for dinner. Other pal is giving me virtual 20 kilos in exchange for me paying for the boat ride. Now that’s exceptional for a team of a few human beings on vacation but imagine hypothetically, if the entire world have been to run

on a comparable spreadsheet, where alternatively of cash ever changing hands like bodily it would simply be a line object in the spreadsheet. Now imagine a world in which all people trusted the spreadsheet and every body used to be being honest and accurate and first-rate and friendly, and only adding authentic things
to the spreadsheet that all people agreed on. That’s basically what Bitcoin is. It’s this large spreadsheet that maintains track of truly each single transaction this is ever took place involving Bitcoin due to the fact that the begin of Bitcoin. And so that ability that this spreadsheet has a document of everybody in the world

who has ever bought and offered Bitcoin and it tells you how a lot Bitcoin they’ve sold and sold, so you can work out how tons Bitcoin each character has in their account. Now let’s say I have two Bitcoins in my account which is quite a lot of cash these days. And I were to give one Bitcoin a buddy we may want to add to this spreadsheet

Ali offers one Bitcoin to Jake. And due to the fact it is all in one spreadsheet the spreadsheet is aware of that my Bitcoin account has now one Bitcoin and Jake’s Bitcoin account now has one Bitcoin in it as well. Now, fundamentally, this is all Bitcoin definitely is. It’s simply a large spreadsheet but it’s received some different fancy features

that make it truly in reality clever, and that make it a attainable candidate for the currency of the future. See, the hassle with our ledger system is that if it’s on a spreadsheet generally it’s one individual who’s retaining the spreadsheet. So let’s say I’m on holiday with buddies and all and sundry trusts me to do this, to be the spreadsheet guy
because I’m a large nerd. And therefore, each time they choose to publish a transaction they would say, Hey, Ali, Catherine has given Lucia 10 kilos and therefore I will add it to the spreadsheet. This is great due to the fact my friends trust me and I’m a massive nerd, however we do not want a whole system
of financial stuff based on this centralized model because that is kind of what we have already. Like each bank financial institution, authorities in the world is some kind of centralized authority that handles money. And so the us greenback is tied to the federal reserve and the U S government, the UK pound is tied to the bank of England and then it is all extremely related

to like the international economic fund. And then like the government has something to do with it. But essentially it’s a small group of actors like governments and banks that control the economic machine for essentially each country in the world. And so the 0.33 section of our definition of a cryptocurrency is that it needs

to be decentralized and the way that Bitcoin and all these different cryptocurrencies work is that there is no central character in charge of them. There is no one man or woman or one agency saying, Hey, I have received the grasp spreadsheet. Instead, what occurs is that each single man or woman in the world can have a replica of that master spreadsheet if they want

And so with Bitcoin, for example, there are tens of millions of humans around the world on their computers who each have a reproduction of the grasp spreadsheet. And every of these computer systems are going for walks software it truly is constantly checking to make certain that grasp spreadsheet is legit. And it’s the identical as each and every other copy

of the grasp spreadsheet on the network. And that potential that if you wanna hack a Bitcoin it’s pretty tough to do due to the fact there is like tens of millions of human beings all round the world who are helping to preserve it. And it means that if you want to unduly affect stuff like if you are a bank or a government or some other evil person, it is pretty hard to do due to the fact again, it’s decentralized.
It skill that it’s being maintained and managed with the aid of hundreds of thousands of human beings all round the world, from their computers. And now we get to the remaining section of our definition which is that this complete gadget is constructed and secured using cryptography. So cryptography is a branch of maths and pc science that is related whether or not with like code making
and code breaking and cryptography is how all of our communications are encrypted. So for example, when you send a WhatsApp message there is no way that WhatsApp or Facebook can read the message because it’s encrypted with the aid of cryptography on either end. And so only the sender and the recipient can see what the message is

No one in the middle can see what the messages is, it is turn out to be encrypted, it’s just like a bunch of numbers that no one can interpret. And the certainly clever issue about Bitcoin and these different cryptocurrencies is that they use cryptography to solve the problem of have confidence and to clear up the trouble of centralization. The problem of believe is that, you know, when I’m
on holiday with my friends, we all trust every different and we know that no one’s gonna screw absolutely everyone over however in actual life, that does not always happen. So your system wishes to be impenetrable ample so as now not to rely on trusting individuals. And secondly, the hassle of centralization, i.e. it can’t just be Google proudly owning a Google sheet
that all of us gets a copy of due to the fact Google controls it. It can’t simply be Amazon, it can not be the U S government, it can not be the bank of England. It wants to be absolutely decentralized in a way that every person continues and manages the system. All right, now it’s time for a little fundamental introduction to the world of cryptography. This is a little bit complicated. If you do not want to hear it
you can pass by to this timestamp down beneath and that will take you to the subsequent part but in truth it cryptography is really, really cool. And I am just now kind of dabbling in the world of cryptography and trying to recognize it. So right here are a few standards and how I’ve form of explained it to myself in my head.
Essentially, a cryptography is based totally round the use of one way features known as hash functions. And the thought in the back of there is that you can put any message or anything via a hash feature and it will spit out a definitely random aggregate of letters and numbers on the other end
in such a way that you can then reverse the function. And so if we had been to take my name and put it thru a hash feature called SHA-256 which is the one that Bitcoin uses but explaining it is a bit too hard. We’ll come out with this random string of letters and numbers. And now, if you were to just appear at that random string of letters and numbers
there is no way you can reverse the chain to go lower back to what the unique message was. Now, Bitcoin uses these hash features to resolve both these problems. It solves the problem of have confidence with the aid of the use of digital signatures based around, secret keys and public keys in this element called “Public Key Cryptography”.
And in truth it capacity that you as an individual can have a secret key, a password that no one else knows, however then you have a public key which is type of associated to your password which other humans do know, however it truly is quality due to the fact they can never find out your actual password. And as lengthy as you use your proper password
to signal your messages, it is 100%, basically a hundred percent assured that those messages are legit. So that kind of solves the have confidence problem. And we solved the decentralization problem by using this concept referred to as “Proof of Work” the place all of the one of a kind people on the network, on the Bitcoin network who are keeping the system,
are called “Bitcoin Miners” and what these guys attempt and do is they genuinely attempt and resolve a “Hash Puzzle”, which just requires a lot and loads and plenty of computing energy efficaciously involves guessing more than one numbers, multiple, a couple of times. And this is a type of lottery between all of us on the network, so that if you are the fortunate person,
who’s plucked the random quantity out of thin air that solves the “Hash Puzzle” then your spreadsheet kind of receives saved and then that saved kingdom is permanent, and then you get rewarded with some Bitcoin for giving up your computing power to help form of preserve the entire thing.
And I’m the usage of a lot of jargon and this is virtually very tough to spoil down in like an convenient way. There are two sources I’d recommend and I would recommend these, if you are honestly involved

where he explains the fundamentals of hash functions and cryptography and like SHA-256 and this type of stuff. And secondly, is simply an online path from Brilliant who are very kindly sponsoring this video. Now bear with me here. So Brilliant is an online platform for publications in math, science and computer science
and their most current route is all about cryptocurrencies and cryptography. And it is bought like heaps of distinct bits in it that truely assist you apprehend crypto from the ground up. And I’ve been working via this path on Brilliant for remaining few weeks, and it is truly helped improve my own grasp of crypto and in fact, when preparing for this video,
I used to be simply like redoing that course, purpose it is just so good. And it like absolutely nails it down from first standards to explain how Bitcoin works and the way they do it is they kind of create a Bitcoin from the floor up and type of give an explanation for all of the maths at the back of it in a way this is interactive and attractive and fun.
So if this stuff appears fascinating to you, if you prefer to understand how public key cryptography works secret keys, private keys, decentralization, hash functions, Merkel nodes, this sort of cool stuff. You should without a doubt test out that direction over at Brilliant. If you are one of the first 200 human beings to hit the hyperlink in the video description
or head over to then you will get 20% of the annual premium subscription. And along with that, you’ll get access to all the different courses on math, science and pc science as well. I specially like the course on Python fundamentals and advanced Python. Python is the world’s most famous programming language. So this is what I’m gonna say about the cryptography part
of like what are cryptocurrencies. Definitely take a look at out the course on Brilliant, if you prefer to examine more about it let’s now go on to theme range two. Why is Bitcoin and crypto so controversial? So there is broadly 4 reasons as to why Bitcoin is controversial. Number one, the speculation bubble, variety two,
the environmental impact, quantity three protection issues and number four, the chance of unlawful activity. Firstly, a lot of people say that Bitcoin is a speculative bubble. The charge of Bitcoin is now not based. People say on any intrinsic value in the back of Bitcoin. It is in fact primarily based on people
like you and me thinking, Oh my God, Bitcoin’s a big deal. Therefore we buy it and consequently supply and demand ability that the charge goes up. People have been saying this for the reason that like 2011 when the price of Bitcoin used to be actually nothing compared to the like the $50,000 that it is now. And yes there is an extent to which Bitcoin is a speculative bubble.
And in fact, when I invest in Bitcoin I don’t truely think of it as investing, I do in fact, think of it as gambling which I’m gonna speak a little bit extra about later. And human beings would say that, for example, when Elon Musk tweets that he’s about to buy a Bitcoin all of sudden the rate sores really, really, clearly high
that is not the sign of how a market would respond to an underlying fee increase. It is in reality how the market would respond to speculation. Elon Musk is buying Bitcoin therefore, each and every one of the world is like, Oh my God Elon Musk is buying Bitcoin consequently they buy Bitcoin, therefore the rate goes up. It’s now not like Bitcoin has basically changed
because of Elon Musk’s tweet. It’s just that human beings are speculating at it which is why it is this sort of speculative bubble. Secondly, Bitcoin is controversial because of the energy consumption and alleged environmental influence of the technology. So due to the fact it is form of decentralized and run by means of zillions
of computers, zillions of nodes, all round the world humans would say that those nodes use loads and a lot of power use a lot of computing power, consequently a lot of electricity in order to solve the hash puzzles that the whole Bitcoin machine is primarily based around. Now, the anti Bitcoin human beings would say that this use
of electricity is no longer very correct because it’s horrific for the surroundings and it is inflicting carbon to go into the atmosphere, et cetera, et cetera simply to maintain a system. Whereas the pro Bitcoin people would say, yeah, it is genuine but like we want to use electricity to hold any gadget and the genuine banking industry makes use of a long way greater energy than Bitcoin does or will in the close to future.
And they would say that these sorts of Bitcoin mining farms are in international locations like Iceland and Greenland, the place it is very bloodless and the place there’s very like plenty of cold air. And therefore the cooling of it will become extra efficient. And they would say that China does a lot of Bitcoin mining and electricity is cheap in China. And then the anti Bitcoin human beings would say, yeah, but China nonetheless produces a load
of environmentally terrible stuff because of their excessive use of power in keeping the Bitcoin network. Ultimately, I don’t be aware of what the answer is, there are execs and cons. Everything type of uses energy. People say Bitcoin is horrific because it uses more strength than it should. I don’t know, I’m just, you know, don’t shoot the messenger.
That is just one of the motives as to why people assume Bitcoin is a bit controversial. Thirdly, Bitcoin is controversial because humans are sometimes concerned about safety issues. Now, theoretically, the complete machine is sort of decentralized and trustless and like, you know, maintained through these tens of millions of nodes all round the world.
In practice, there are these matters called “Crypto Exchanges”, now these are large corporations kind of like the London inventory alternate and the New York inventory exchange. They’re an change that connects consumers to sellers. And because a lot of humans who have debts on these exchanges also use the trade to save their Bitcoin.
Like the trade additionally stores Bitcoin for you. Like I have all my Bitcoin and Coinbase. If Coinbase have been to get hacked for anything reason then I may lose my Bitcoin. And in the past form of decade there’ve been pretty a few excessive profile hacking instances
where the change has been focused and customers have misplaced their crypto. In practice, this is not something that I am for my part mainly worried about. If you are involved about it, you can do lots and .
But security issues is reason variety three, why Bitcoin is controversial. And motive variety four, is the fact that Bitcoin is every now and then used as a form of charge for illegal activities. Like let’s say you wanna buy capsules or you wanna buy terrible matters on the darkish web or some thing that means. You can pay in Bitcoin and you can get hold of Bitcoin
and theoretically, your Bitcoin username is like a random string of letters and numbers that is now not directly tied to you as an individual. And therefore Bitcoin is a way that unscrupulous human beings throughout the internet can facilitate repayments barring wanting to verify their identity with anyone.
In fairness, people can also do illegal things with us bucks and each different shape of currency in the world. But humans would say like the anti Bitcoin humans would say, Bitcoin is awful because it’s essentially anonymous. And therefore, you in no way know who the real man or woman is on the different end, unless you type of believe them initially.
And therefore, due to the fact this even extra facilitates the use of unlawful activities, this is consequently bad. I don’t purchase that argument personally. I suggest the web itself can be a good or terrible thing relying on the context in which it is used. I individually think Bitcoin could be the future and it is commonly a accurate thing, but of route it ought to be a horrific factor depending on how it’s used.
And so that brings us onto part three, having said all of that about the attainable problems with Bitcoin. Why do I individually invest in it? And again, let’s ruin this down into 4 parts. Number one is FOMO, variety two, gambling, wide variety three, fun and variety four, diversification. So firstly, I’ve acquired to be honest. The major reason I make investments in crypto
is due to the fact I have a fear of missing out. Like I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 like absolutely everyone else did. And then I’m thinking damn, if solely had sold Bitcoin in 2011 I’d be a tycoon by way of now. And I’d by no means have to work a day in my life. And then for me, like each few years I’d hear about Bitcoin and be like, Oh, it’s, you know, Bitcoin’s now $100, but you know
if only I had invested two years ago, Oh, however I cannot perhaps get it now due to the fact it is $100 and that is way too expensive. If I’d gotten at $100, Bitcoin is now really worth $50,000 therefore I’d make a lot of money. But like, you know, it is the feel of worry of lacking out which is why I personally do invest in crypto.
Secondly, crypto feels like a socially appropriate form of gambling. I don’t surely reflect onconsideration on it an investment anyway, I reflect onconsideration on it gambling. And I’m now not a fan of gambling normally, but it’s like, it’s form of fun to gamble on Bitcoin.
And in fact, in 2017, the ultimate time Bitcoin had like a real heyday, I’d put in about 60,000 pounds of my very own money into Bitcoin and I used to be plus 40K at one point. Like my portfolio was well worth 100 grand and I’d solely put in 60 grand. So I’d made 40,000 in the area of a few weeks.

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